If You Can’t Remember 20/26 Of These Iconic Vines, Get Ready to Laugh!


Vine, the short-form video platform that once ruled the internet, brought us countless moments of laughter, surprise, and pure creativity. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about 20/26 of the most iconic Vines that defined an era. So, if you’re ready to relive some unforgettable moments and test your memory, let’s dive in!

If You Can’t Remember 20/26 Of These Iconic Vines, Get Ready to Laugh!

Remember the time when Vine was the go-to platform for quick bursts of entertainment? Whether it was six seconds of comedy, a quirky dance, or a hilarious prank, Vine had it all. iconic Vines Now, let’s walk through some of the most unforgettable Vines that still make us laugh today.

The Epic Vine Countdown

1. “Why You Always Lyin‘?”

Who can forget the classic “Why You Always Lyin’?” Vine? Nicholas Fraser’s catchy tune and hilarious lip-syncing became an instant sensation. If you can’t remember this one, you’re in for a treat!

2. “Do It for the Vine!”

The phrase “Do it for the Vine” became a mantra for those willing to go to extreme lengths for their six seconds of fame. This Vine encouraged people to take risks, often with hilarious results.

3. “It’s an Avocado… Thanks!”

A young boy’s innocent excitement over receiving an avocado as a gift is a perfect example of Vine’s charm. The sincerity of his reaction made this iconic Vines  an instant classic.

4. “LeBron James!”

This Vine showed the power of surprise and perfectly timed iconic Vines humor. The unexpected shout of “LeBron James!” made everyone laugh, even if they weren’t basketball fans.

5. “Back at it Again with the White Vans”

The “Damn, Daniel” Vine became so popular that it spawned a catchphrase and countless parodies. It’s a prime example of how Vine could turn ordinary moments into viral sensations.

Reliving Vine’s Magic

Vine may be gone, but its legacy lives on through these unforgettable moments. Let’s continue our journey through the best of Vine.

6. “What Are Those?”

In this Vine, a young boy humorously calls out a police officer’s shoes with the infamous question, “What are those?” This simple yet hilarious moment became a cultural reference.

7. “I Want to Be Famous”

A young girl’s declaration that she wants to be “famous” is both adorable and endearing iconic Vines. Vine allowed people of all ages to express themselves and find their own unique brand of humor.

8. “Hi, Welcome to Chili’s”

The simplicity of this Vine, where a young man pretends to work at Chili’s, is a testament to Vine’s ability to turn everyday situations into comedy gold.

If You Can't Remember 20/26 Of These Iconic Vines, Get Ready to Laugh!
If You Can’t Remember 20/26 Of These Iconic Vines, Get Ready to Laugh!

9. “Watermelon Inside a Watermelon”

In this Vine, a man hilariously discovers a watermelon inside another watermelon. It’s a perfect example of how Vine creators could find humor in the most unexpected places.

10. “Do the Harlem Shake”

The Harlem Shake trended on Vine, with people from all over the world putting their own spin on this dance craze. It was a time when everyone wanted to join the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What was Vine? Vine was a short-form video platform that allowed users to create and share six-second video clips.

Q: When was Vine at its peak? Vine reached its peak in popularity between 2013 and 2016.

Q: Why did Vine shut down? Vine shut down in 2017 due to financial difficulties and increasing competition from other social media platforms.

Q: Are there any Vine compilations available online? Yes, you can find numerous Vine compilations on platforms like YouTube, showcasing the best Vines from its heyday.

Q: Can I still watch old Vines? While the Vine platform itself no longer exists, you can still find many iconic Vines shared on social media and video-sharing platforms.

Q: How did Vine influence internet culture? Vine played a significant role in shaping internet culture by popularizing short, humorous videos and launching the careers of many social media influencers.


In the world of social media, Vine was a trailblazer that brought humor and creativity to the forefront. While it may have disappeared, the memories and iconic Vines it left behind continue to make us laugh and appreciate the power of six seconds of pure entertainment. So, if you couldn’t remember all 20/26 of these iconic Vines, don’t worry—you’ve just had a hilarious refresher!

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