Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7: A Killer Awakens


So you’ve been reborn into a fantasy world as a serial killer and you’re starting to get restless. The quiet village life just isn’t cutting it anymore. You need to feel the thrill of the hunt again, to watch the light leave your victim’s eyes. In the last chapter, you started scoping out potential targets to satisfy your urges. Now it’s time to pick one and make your move. This world may be different, but deep down you’re still the same cold-blooded killer. The familiar excitement starts to build in your veins as you hone in on the perfect first victim in this new world. Your new life as a serial killer is about to begin. The hunt is on.

Recap of Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 6

If you’ve been following along, you know our protagonist has had a rough time of it so far. In the last chapter, he finally started to get his bearings in this strange new world he’s found himself in.

After waking up without any memories in a creepy lab, he escaped into a forest where he discovered some of the dangers this world holds. Giant spiders and man-eating plants are not what he was expecting! Lucky for him, he has a few tricks up his sleeve from his past life as a serial killer that helped him survive.

Using skills from his former life, he created traps to capture game for food and materials for shelter and clothing. He’s adapting quickly to this harsh environment, though questions still remain about how he got here and why.

In this chapter, our anti-hero’s mysterious powers seem to be awakening. When threatened by a group of bandits in the forest, he instinctively used an unknown ability to slash their throats without touching them. This new power both thrills and terrifies him. He realizes he’s becoming a danger to anyone who crosses his path.

With each day in this world, he regains fragments of his memories and unlocks more of his sinister potential. But don’t get too attached – there’s no guarantee this killer will use his skills for good. His moral compass has always been a bit off, after all. The only thing we know for sure is that there are more victims to come.

How’s that for moving the plot along? Let’s see what chapter 8 has in store for our favorite serial killer in another world!

The Killer’s New Life Begins in Chapter 7

The killer has been reborn in a strange new Serial Killer world as Hajime, a teenaged boy living a peaceful life. In Chapter 7, Hajime’s new life begins as he starts attending the kingdom’s Royal Academy.

At the academy, Hajime meets two other students who become his first friends in this world, Kaori and Shia. Kaori is a kindhearted girl training to become a knight, while the eccentric Shia aims to master the way of the sword. With his newfound friends, Hajime’s days at the academy prove enjoyable.

However, Serial Killer  Hajime remains unsure of why he was reborn in this world. He questions whether the killer’s instincts and urge to harm others that plagued his previous life will return. For now though, Hajime is content embracing the simple pleasures of his new life as an ordinary student.

That is, until Hajime and his friends stumble upon an ancient ruin below the academy. In the depths of the ruin, they discover a mysterious artifact radiating a sinister power. Upon touching the artifact, Hajime’s magic power awakens and memories of his past life as a killer flood his mind. ###

Hajime realizes his rebirth into this Serial Killer world may not have been by chance. His newfound magic power and recovered memories suggest a dangerous fate awaits him. With his killer’s instincts reawakened, Hajime’s new life at the academy is shattered. The killer has returned, and a thirst for blood begins stirring once more within Hajime. His peaceful days as an ordinary student now behind him, Hajime’s true purpose in this world is about to begin.

Important Events in Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7

Chapter 7 opens with our protagonist, the serial killer, waking up in a strange new world. You find yourself in a lush, green forest surrounded by medieval huts. The last thing you remember is being executed for your crimes, but now you seem to have a second chance at life in this fantasy world.

The Village

As you explore the nearby village, you notice the villagers have an almost cult-like devotion to their local temple. The head priestess and her attendants seem to hold a strange power over everyone. This land seems ripe for the taking, and you hatch a sinister plot to gain control.

The Priestess

You arrange a private meeting with the head priestess under the guise of pledging your loyalty. But once alone, you reveal your true nature as a cold-blooded killer. You threaten to slaughter the villagers one by one unless she obeys your every command. Terrified, she has no choice but to comply.

A New Kingdom

With the priestess under your control, you now rule over the village. The villagers follow every order from their “spiritual leader” without question. Before long, your reign of terror expands to nearby villages as you build up your kingdom through manipulation and fear.

Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7: A Killer Awakens
Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7: A Killer Awakens

Inner Darkness

Though in a new world, your thirst for power and bloodshed remains. The serial killer inside you has awakened once more, ready to cut a bloody swath through this fantasy realm. You won’t stop until all kneel before you in this strange land you now call home. The Isekai world will tremble at the name of its new demon king!

Analysis of the Main Character’s Actions and Motives

The main character, Takumi, shows a rather disturbing lack of empathy and morality in this chapter. His motives seem solely based on sadistic enjoyment and convenience.

  • Upon waking up in this new world, Takumi immediately seeks to satisfy his bloodlust. He kills the first person he encounters without hesitation or remorse. His inner monolog reveals he did it simply “for the thrill of it.”
  • Takumi then proceeds to kill two more people in similarly casual fashion, referring to humans as “moving targets.” He feels no guilt over extinguishing three lives, seeing people as merely objects for his amusement.
  • The only thing that gives Takumi pause is the realization that indiscriminately killing may draw unwanted attention and threaten his freedom. His decision to restrain himself is made out of self-interest, not compassion. He adopts a moral code not because murder is wrong but because “there are too many witnesses.”
  • Even when Takumi does spare lives, such as with the slave trader, it’s evident he takes no issue with the man’s despicable occupation or the suffering of his victims. Takumi lets him live solely because the trader’s death would inconvenience him.
  • Overall, Takumi displays the traits of a classic psychopath in this chapter. He lacks empathy, a moral conscience, and the ability to see people as anything more than pawns for his entertainment or gain. His motives are purely selfish and sinister. One can only imagine what chaos and bloodshed might ensue as Takumi continues to navigate this new world unburdened by human decency or ethics.

The main character’s disturbing lack of empathy, morality and compassion, as well as his solely self-interested motives, make for a chilling depiction of a psychopath awakening in a world of abundant victims and no consequences. His casual devaluation of human life presents an unsettling view into the mind of a killer unleashed.

Predictions for Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 8

After the events of Chapter 7, there are several predictions we can make for what may be in store in Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 8:

The killer awakens

In Chapter 7, our protagonist regained consciousness after being transported to another world. Now that he’s awake, he’ll likely start exploring this new world and try to figure out where exactly he is and how he can return home. However, his killer instincts may start to take over as he encounters strangers in this unfamiliar place. Will he be able to control his urges, or will the scent of blood drive him into a frenzy?

A new victim?

With a whole new world of potential victims, the temptation may be too great for our protagonist to resist. He may target an unsuspecting towns Serial Killer person or wanderer and claim his first victim in this isekai. However, he risks exposing himself if he kills indiscriminately. He may have to be more strategic in selecting victims that won’t be easily missed.

The search begins

If people start to go missing or turn up dead, guards and search parties may be formed to find the culprit. Our killer will have to cover his tracks well and lay low to avoid capture. He may flee to more isolated areas where there are fewer witnesses.Serial Killer However, this could limit his access to new victims. He’ll have to find the right balance of satisfying his bloodlust while avoiding the detection of the authorities.

A gruesome discovery

Eventually, the bodies of the killer’s victims may be discovered, striking fear into the hearts of citizens. The methods of killing and mutilation of the bodies could point to a deranged killer on the loose. There may be a citywide panic with people fearing for their lives. A frantic manhunt would ensue to stop this madman before he claims more lives.

With so many possibilities for how the story may unfold in the next chapter, we’ll have to wait with bated breath to see what’s in store for our sinister protagonist and the unlucky inhabitants of this world. The suspense is killing us already!


And just like that, you’ve reached the end of another thrilling chapter of this dark fantasy series. Looks like things are really starting to heat up as our protagonist has awakened to his true nature. What sinister acts will he commit next?Serial Killer  How much further will he descend into darkness? And who else will fall victim to his murderous urges before he’s finally stopped? The suspense is killing you, isn’t it? Well don’t worry, the adventure is far from over. Tune in next week for the continuation of this chilling tale of death and depravity in a world not quite like our own. Sweet dreams!

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