What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987) on Netflix: An Enchanting Journey to the World of Romance and Desire


Are you in the mood for a delightful dose of romance and desire? Look no further than “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” on Netflix. This classic film takes viewers on a captivating journey to the enchanting world of French sensuality and charm. In this article, we will explore the allure of the movie, highlighting its themes, characters, and the overall cinematic experience. So, grab a glass of wine, settle into your favorite spot, and prepare to be mesmerized by the cinematic masterpiece that is “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)”.

What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987) on Netflix: A Tale of Love and Intrigue

At its heart, “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” is a captivating tale of love, desire, and intrigue set in the beautiful backdrop of the French countryside. The film revolves around the life of Marie-Claude, a young and beautiful woman married to the wealthy and possessive Georges. As we follow Marie-Claude’s journey, we are introduced to a world of passion, seduction, and secrets that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

The Allure of French Romance and Sensuality

France has long been associated with romance and sensuality, and “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” beautifully encapsulates the essence of French allure. From breathtaking landscapes to intimate candlelit dinners, the movie showcases the art of seduction in a way that only the French can master. LSI Keyword: French Romance.

The Charismatic Characters of “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)”

The film’s characters are as captivating as the story itself. Marie-Claude, played flawlessly by the talented Serena Brandi, exudes charm and sophistication. Her inner conflict between desire and societal expectations adds depth to her character, making her relatable and endearing to the audience. LSI Keywords: Serena Brandi, Marie-Claude.

Georges, portrayed by the enigmatic Fabric Knossos, brings complexity to the narrative. His possessive nature and internal struggles provide a compelling contrast to the romantic themes of the film. LSI Keywords: Fabric Knossos, Georges.

Exploring the Themes of Desire and Freedom

At its core, “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” delves into the themes of desire and freedom. The movie challenges societal norms and explores the human need for both emotional and physical fulfillment. It reminds viewers to embrace their desires and pursue freedom in a world that often seeks to suppress them.

A Cinematic Masterpiece: Direction and Cinematography

The film’s director, Francisco Mingozzi, masterfully crafts each scene with a blend of elegance and sensuality. His attention to detail and skillful storytelling elevate “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” to a cinematic masterpiece. The stunning cinematography, coupled with a mesmerizing musical score, transports the audience to the heart of the story. LSI Keyword: Gianfranco Mingozzi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Where can I watch “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)”?

A: You can watch “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” on Netflix, where it is available for streaming.

Q: Is “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” suitable for all audiences?

A: While the film contains mature themes and sensuality, it is intended for adult audiences who appreciate classic romance and artistic storytelling.

Q: What makes “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” a classic film?

A: The film’s unique portrayal of desire, its stellar performances, and its exploration of French romance contribute to its status as a classic in the genre.

Q: Are English subtitles available for the movie?

A: Yes, English subtitles are available, ensuring that non-French-speaking viewers can fully immerse themselves in the film’s charm.

Q: Does the film have any awards or accolades?

A: “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” received critical acclaim and several prestigious awards for its direction, performances, and cinematography.

Q: Can you recommend similar films to “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)”?

A: If you enjoyed the allure of “What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987),” you might also appreciate other classic French romance films such as “Belle de Jour” and “Emmanuelle.”


“What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1987)” on Netflix offers an enchanting and immersive experience that lingers long after the credits roll. With its captivating storytelling, mesmerizing performances, and exploration of desire and freedom, the film remains a timeless classic that continues to charm audiences worldwide. So, indulge in a cinematic journey to the heart of French romance and discover for yourself what every Frenchwoman truly desires.

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